Inside the United States Mint's Artistic Infusion Program

Do you ever wonder how and where the United States Mint comes up with all their designs every year? Yes, you have to assume they have a team of artists and engravers that tackle this amazing task, but did you know they call upon artists across the country to do so? Let us explore further.

In previous blogs, we have covered coin and medal releases from the Mint that have made mention of the Artistic Infusion Program, or the AIP. Established in 2003, the Mint contracts professional, talented artists from across the United States. These artists come from a number of diverse backgrounds and are interested in a plethora of different skills.

All of these different artists then have the opportunity to work with and alongside members of the staff to create designs for coins and medals. For example, the most recent of unveiled designs for 2020 was the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame commemorative. Open to the public, a competition was named for the obverse of the design and AIP member Justin Kunz was named the winner. However, the reverse of that coin was also designed by AIP member Donna Weaver although it was not a part of a competition.

When the United States Mint deems it necessary, they will put out a “Call for Artists” in which they invite individuals to apply to the AIP. Currently, the Mint is not accepting applications for the program.

To find out more about the program and its current members and their design backgrounds, click here.