New Legislation Brought Forth For 2021 Morgan and Peace Dollar Silver Bullion Coins

While we have not talked about this particular issue before, we have been actively helping pursue its final decision. What are we talking about, you ask? The decision for the United States Mint to produce 2021 Morgan and Peace Silver Dollar bullions coins in celebration of the ending and the beginning of each coin respectively. Either way, the celebratory production, or commemoration of the coins, would mark 100 years.

The first time any legislation was introduced was in July of 2019 under the 1921 Silver Dollar Commemorative Coin Act. H.R. 3757, as it was introduced by Representative Emanuel Cleave, D-Mo and Representative Andy Barr, R-Ky, called for the production of Uncirculated 2021-CC Morgan Dollars that would be minted once was the Carson City in Nevada. It also called for the production of 2021-S Proof Morgan dollars from the San Francisco Mint and Proof and Uncirculated 2021-P Peace dollars from the Mint in Philadelphia.

However, when the legislation was introduced it was competing with the National Law Enforcement Museum commemorative coin program which caused it to not gain the necessary traction. Both commemorative coin programs were vying for the second spot to be approved for 2021 releases. But why is this important? The U.S. Mint passed legislation in 1996 to limit the number of annual commemorative coin programs to just two. The already approved first program for 2021 called to honor Christa McAuliffe, the first teacher in space and also one of seven total astronauts killed when the space shuttle Challenger disintegrated after take off on January 28, 1986.

With the first round of legislation that did not go very far, there was a new push for legislation introduced on March 11th. H.R. 6192, or the 1921 Silver Dollar Coin Anniversary Act, was presented in the House by Rep. Andy Barr with the support of the chairman of the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee, Thomas J. Uram, and president of the Pennsylvania Association of Numismatists and CCAC member, Mike Moran. The new 2021 legislation seeks to celebrate the centennial anniversary of the transition from the Morgan to the Peace dollar with legal tender bullion coins.

The bill, if authorized, would introduce a number of Morgan and Peace dollars versions and would give the U.S. Mint control with mintage limits and how the coins are to be marketed to consumers--meaning to the public or as bullion releases through the Mint’s already authorized purchasers who already market the American Eagle bullion coins. The 2021 dollars would be struck in 90% silver and 10% copper alloy. As far as where the coins would be struck at, U.S. Mint officials have the option for issues to be produced at Denver, Philadelphia, and San Francisco with privy marks added to specific Morgan dollars to pay homage to the Carson City Mint in Nevada and New Orleans Mint in Louisiana. Those discussions with the Mint also included strike types, including Proof and Uncirculated versions with the possibility of sets to include finishes from multiple Mints.

Despite the silver end of the deal, a non-legislative proposal by the United States Mint themselves has been perceived as on the backburner. A 2021-CC Morgan dollar struck in .9999 fine gold was introduced and could be implemented without the approval of Congress.

While legislation was just presented mid-March of this year, it is hard telling where it will go on the House floor. With all of these options presented with the Mint at the helm as far as what they want to produce, time will only tell how this 100th-anniversary commemoration will unfold and if it will. We all are hopeful that it will as these coins would keep the numismatic hobby buzzing for years to come.