A Day To Give Thanks

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Can you believe it?

As the days seem to go by faster and faster, the holidays have a way of making time stop for just a short period of time. How is that, you ask? Family traditions always bring back the fondest of memories. Memories and nostalgia are what make this time of year so enjoyable. While the world spins on, we as children and adults get to experience those moments over and over again while creating new ones.

While we get so excited for Thanksgiving because of the guaranteed food coma we willingly sign up for each year and the amazing shopping deals that directly follow, let us not forget all the ways in which we should give thanks.

You have heard mention of some of the meals and dinners cooked here at The Coin Vault before the show starts. On this past Monday night prior to the show, we had an extra special Thanksgiving dinner prepared by everyone with all the fixings. As we all sat down at the conference table in a true family fashion, it did not go unnoticed that even with the sports going on in the background, we laughed and conversed with each other more so than usual. While working closely together for three nights a week and many of us working together for an additional five days a week, something was different. With all the hustle and bustle of the job as well as the busyness that ensues in our personal lives, time stood still for half an hour while we enjoyed each other’s company in a way that did not seem work-related.

While only Andy and Tyler being true family members out of the bunch, the meal together only reinforced how close we were as a group. We are like a true family. Come showtime when the lights and cameras go on, all the other relatives showed up. Our relatives being you, The Coin Vault customers.

This Thanksgiving, we give thanks for each other and our customers. Without you, we could not do what we do every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday night.

This holiday season, make sure to enjoy those moments in which time stops for a minute. Look around you and your family and your friends while remembering all those who do not get to share those same moments. Let us all remember how truly grateful we should be.

From all of us at The Coin Vault, we hope you have a safe, wonderful, and blessed Thanksgiving holiday!