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TCV Preferred Customer Division 1-800-869-0868

The Coin Vault Preferred Customer Division

The Coin Vault's in-house Preferred Customer Division has access to thousands of products we simply do not have time to show you on TV. Each numismatic advisor works directly with the show hosts to bring you the first opportunity at many coins before they go to air. The PCD Coin Acquisition Service gives you access to the full buying power of The Coin Vault in your search for rare coins or to fill those holes in your collection. Each representative is a numismatic expert, passionate about the hobby and understanding what makes The Coin Vault family a 30+ year success story!

Contact us, Monday through Friday 9am - 5:30pm EST 1-800-869-0868 See below for specific numismatic advisor extensions.

Leah Williams PCD Sales Manager

A native of Winchester, Indiana, being an integral part of The Coin Vault since its call center’s inception in 2012 has proved to be highly fulfilling and transformative. Equipped with invaluable skills and knowledge all while molding my professional development, these last 12 years have carved a path of leadership to which I continue to eagerly embrace. Devoted to the numismatic industry and currently holding the position of Sales Manager for the Preferred Customer Division, my journey within the company encompasses various roles, including a starting role as the Live Show Supervisor and swiftly advancing to becoming the Head of Call Center operations in 2013. While gaining extensive experience in customer service and expanding my expertise in every facet of the division, it is with a remarkable numismatic background and a fearless attitude that I take on the responsibility of overseeing the entire Preferred Customer Division. With a focus on achieving collective goals that benefit The Coin Vault’s valued customers, I am poised to lead the way to enrich the experience of our esteemed patrons.

Sales Manager/Numismatic Advisor
Eric Clear PCD Numismatic Advisor

Starting at a young age and inspired by my grandmother, coin collecting has been an integral part of my life. As a Preferred Customer Division representative since 2020, my knowledge about the business and my role at The Coin Vault has grown exponentially. Helping collectors find coins to complete their collections is something I wish to remain doing while continuing to always learn and offer clients my personal best.

Numismatic Advisor
Brett Carlson PCD Numismatic Advisor

Born and raised in Muncie, Indiana, and growing up close to the coin collector that was my grandad, everything learned and loved about the numismatic business can be attributed to my hometown. With a background in business from Ball State University, The Coin Vault was the right fit for me from the beginning. With a competitive nature and drive to increase knowledge in the financial and numismatic fields, developing my role as a Preferred Customer Division representative these last few years has been a dream. Helping to complete countless collections and working with clients to finish a set they have been working on for a lifetime has been an absolute pleasure. Continuing to service our patrons and build their dream collections is something I look forward to immensely.

Numismatic Advisor
Brett Carlson PCD Numismatic Advisor

Gaining experience as a numismatic sales representative for the Preferred Customer Division these last few years has been life changing. As a trusted numismatic advisor, my passion for developing and maintaining strong relationships built on trust has been a primary focus. Having encouraged my skills while helping hundreds of clients find the missing piece for their collection, the reward for my hard work has certainly paid off as I have been awarded top performer on numerous occasions and have sold millions in rare numismatics.

Numismatic Advisor
Dane Blumenstock PCD Numismatic Advisor

As a proud member of the esteemed Coin Vault family, I express deep gratitude for the invaluable connections formed within our Preferred Customer Division. These connections have not only opened doors for me to contribute to various prestigious collections but have also allowed me to cultivate genuine friendships. It was during my upbringing on my family's farm that my fascination with coins ignited, sparked by the accidental discovery of wheat pennies and silver coins concealed beneath the floorboard. It is my sincere aspiration to share my passion for unearthing treasures with collectors who may be in search of their own compass to guide them on their journey.

Dane Blumenstock
Numismatic Advisor
Andie James PCD Numismatic Advisor

As a member of the Preferred Customer Division for the past few years, it has been a privilege to collaborate with several collectors and clients. Helping customers complete their sets of Morgan Silver Dollars, American Silver Eagles, Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles, and more has been a real pleasure. A collector myself, it is fulfilling to find those elusive pieces, especially when they can be so demanding and challenging to locate. I hope to continue helping my patrons learn more about numismatics as I know I will continue to learn a lot from them.

Andie James
Numismatic Advisor
Dorrey McCoy PCD Numismatic Advisor

With over 18 years of experience working for The Coin Vault and its parent company, SilverTowne, the journey to stepping into my role as a Preferred Customer Division representative has been filled with several opportunities along the way. From starting in the shipping department to buying and selling coins in our retail space and providing customer service support, I have had the privilege of interacting with customers in various ways over the years. Beyond grateful for the chance to grow and employ my strengths in several areas of the company, it is with unwavering dedication to our customers that has led to the strong relationships I have created in the field of numismatics. Ensuring their satisfaction is the driving force behind the connections that are made as each interaction provides an opportunity for me to guide collectors, share my knowledge, and help them navigate the intricacies of the coin collecting world. Committed to learning and staying up to date with industry trends, serving customers and facilitating their collecting journeys continues to be the main priority behind the exceptional service I strive to provide.

Dorrey McCoy
Numismatic Advisor