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100 Greatest Women On Coins Series: Two Young Girls at the Piano, By Renoir

It has been long since reiterated the basis for which the 100 Greatest Women On Coins publication from Whitman Publishing is modeled after. Authored by Ron Guth, the compiled list was chosen based on four categories for which the women chosen fit into. Those categories include real (or actual) women, goddesses, allegorical figures who represent a nationality, concept, or idea, and women in art. If recollection serves us right, there has yet to be an entry that features that last category, women in art, until right now. Featuring one of the greatest painters in history, this middle-of-the-pack pick was chosen on another high profile list and commemorated on a single coin.

#54 - Two Young Girls at the Piano, By Renoir

Painted by Pierre-Auguste Renoir in 1892, Two Young Girls at the Piano was sold to more