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100 Greatest U.S. Modern Coins Series: 1983-P Washington Quarter

While the United States Mint is often looked at as an institution made of money making money, there are times when even they are in need of cutting costs and being more efficient. Even the most successful of businesses often find themselves making hard decisions in order for the continuation of said flourishing business. So while we let that sink in, let us remind ourselves that when those decisions are made, sometimes events do occur unexpectedly. That is what happened for the next coin in our blog series featuring the 100 Greatest United States Modern Coins.

As authors Scott Schechter and Jeff Garrett walk us through this next entry of Whitman Publishing’s fourth edition publication, we find that in the absence of once-popular products, collectors and dealers will forge their way through any circumstance to get the coins in some other way. That is what happened back in the early 1980s.

#36 - 1983-P Washington Quarter

As mentioned before, the Mint finds themselves looking for ways to cut costs more