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100 Greatest U.S. Modern Coins Series: 2011-P $1 American Silver Eagle, Reverse Proof

It makes tremendous sense that the top 100 Greatest United States Modern Coins would include several American Silver Eagle issues. Why? Because the United States Mint is constantly innovating, constantly creating a first-ever to present to its collectors not only nationally, but internationally. As we continue to follow along with Whitman Publishing’s fourth edition, we will take a closer gander at a top 20 pick that features one of those Silver Eagles. Authors Jeff Garrett and Scott Schechter will take the wheel, of course, and show us all the details surrounding this next entry.

#18 – 2011-P $1 American Silver Eagle, Reverse Proof

The success of the 20th anniversary set of the American Silver Eagle pinned big hopes on the United States Mint and their plans for the 25th anniversary. However, when 2011 came around, collectors would wait and wait for the announcement, fearing that one may more