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100 Greatest Modern World Coins Series: Australia 1920 Sydney Gold Sovereign

The effects of war can torment a country for years, sometimes even decades or more. It is no surprise that economics and finance can take the biggest hit (metaphorically speaking, of course) and last longer than any physical damage. Keeping this in mind, a series of events featuring the Royal Mint and their Australian branch occurred that created an extremely rare gold coin that never was supposed to be. With help from authors Charles Morgan and Hubert Walker, we will take a closer look at the top five pick that became the “rarest of all sovereign issues.”

#4 – Australia 1920 Sydney Gold Sovereign

After World War I, gold became too expensive, resulting in the Royal Mint’s suspension of production of gold sovereign coins. At the time, there were three operating branch mints in Australia, including Sydney. While the Royal Mint suspended production of the gold coins, the branch mint in Sydney had already struck a handful of coins more