New Blog Series: Women In History

While Women’s History Month comes to a close, we wanted to keep the focus going on how important women have been in the history of not only coins and numismatics but in the world. We have another blog series going that breaks down the top 100 Greatest United States Modern Coins as put together in Whitman Publishing’s fourth edition by authors Scott Schechter and Jeff Garrett. We hope you enjoy learning more about those coins and their importance to the collecting community as it was also heavily influenced by coin dealers from across the country. Following the same format, we will be exploring Whitman Publishing’s 100 Greatest Women on Coins publication that was released in 2015 in the same fashion.

Hundreds of women have appeared on coins from the beginning of time to the current day. From Morgan silver dollars and First Spouse coins to ancient coins, we will break down the list as formatted by importance and by real women, goddesses, allegorical women, and women in art. Women have been a part of it all and have been significant throughout coin collecting history whether well-known or not.

Stay tuned to learn more about women’s impact throughout history through this continued series.