The Coin Vault Meet the Crew Series: Walter H.

Time flies by when you are having fun, right?

For Walter (real name is Matt), this statement rings true as his time here for the last year and a half has gone by in an instant. As a part-time director and makeshift engineer for The Coin Vault, his small amount of time here since March of 2018 has allowed him to learn a tremendous amount about the show and what we do here every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday night.

“Just in my short time here, I’ve learned that this show and the company is very customer-driven,” Walter said. “For example, some customers will come in and will want to meet the guys and we make that happen for them. Everyone here is very upfront about what we do and what we can do to help a customer out. I’ve learned that it is very much a family business not only in an actual sense but in the way we treat our customers. They are a part of the family as well.”

While directing the show three nights a week as well as making sure everything is technically sound, Walter finds enjoyment the most out of his job when all “is going smoothly.”

“I really like being in the control room chit-chatting but most of all I enjoy what I do when everything is working like it’s supposed to,” he said laughing. “When we are selling coins and making customers happy, it’s a great time. When we are able to produce a good show that not only us but the customers find enjoyment out of, that’s my favorite part.”

As a customer, you may or may not (hopefully) notice that sometimes behind the scenes can get a little hectic as things can happen that you never see coming. It is a big part of Walter’s job to make sure those things come off as unnoticeable even in the most uncontrollable of television moments.

“It can be chaotic at times,” Walter stated. “There are things that happen behind the scenes that break down or go wrong and the customer may have no idea. It’s my job to make those moments seamless in the viewer’s eyes. Sometimes that happens, sometimes that’s nearly impossible. But I think we do a good job for the most part handling those situations. Those moments just prove that this is live television and that we are human.”

We have always made it known at The Coin Vault that we are a family and the atmosphere behind the scenes translates for the most part on-air with Andy and Tyler. Walter, like everyone else here, believes wholeheartedly that is why we have been able to do what we have been doing for the last 31+ years.

“Andy and Tyler don’t come across as cocky or arrogant on air like you sometimes see on other types of shows that try to sell you things,” Walter said. “When it comes to the show, everyone, including Andy and Tyler, have a common interest and it just happens to be coins. They are knowledgeable without being condescending.”

When not traveling back and forth from Winchester to his hometown of South Bend, Indiana, Walter enjoys craft beer (the rest of us judge him slightly on this choice of beverage) and breweries as well as watching sports. Aside from his duties for The Coin Vault, Walter often finds himself doing location sound mixing jobs on the side for television as well as corporate videos.