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NGC Certified Proof Franklin Half Dollar Auto-Receive 1955-1963

Item# AR58
Price: $779.95
Per Shipment


Paying tribute to one of the most recognizable Founding Fathers of these United States of America, the Franklin Half Dollar (1948-1963) is one of the most highly collected coins in the hobby! This Auto-Receive program features Proof Franklin Half Dollars from 1955-1963. Certified by NGC in PF69 condition, there will be 9 total shipments including the 1956 Type 2 Variety!

With this Auto Receive program you will receive 9 individual shipments over the period of 9 months billed each month at $779.95.

This Coin Vault Auto-Receive program can only be subscribed to over the phone. Please call to order!

  • AR58S1 - Beginning this 9-shipment Auto-Receive, your first coin will be the . 1963 was the last year for the Franklin Half Dollar coin series as 3,075,645 were produced with the Proof finish. You will also receive an NGC Storage Box.
  • AR58S2 - Shipment #2 includes the . In a Proof finish, 3,218,019 Franklin half dollars were produced.
  • AR58S3 - Shipment #3 includes the . The United States Mint produced 3,028,244 total Proof half dollars in 1961.
  • AR58S4 - Shipment #4 features the . A total of 1,691,602 Proof Franklin Half Dollars were produced this year.
  • AR58S5 - Shipment #5 features the . 1,149,291 Proof half dollars were minted in 1959.
  • AR58S6 - Shipment #6 includes the . 875,652 Proof Franklin half dollars were minted in 1958.
  • AR58S7 - Shipment #7 includes the . The Mint produced 1,247,952 Proof Franklin half dollars in 1957.
  • AR58S8 - Shipment #8 features the . 669,384 half dollars with the Proof finish were struck this year.
  • AR58S9 - Shipment #9 and the final shipment includes the . Only 378,200 half dollar coins were struck in the Proof finish this year.