Happy New Year From The Coin Vault

Ahhh, 2020, what an eye-opener you were. We are not even sure we can put it into proper perspective but as human beings that have lived through the same year we have, we will let you classify how it treated you.

While we look ahead to 2021 with uncertainty and still with a sense of unbridled hope that we all will once again be able to live somewhat normally as we once did, we decided to do a rewrite of our oh-so-optimistic blog looking ahead to the new year last year at this time. It is okay to laugh at the great 180 degrees life took at some of these edits as that is our intended purpose.

Published: 12/30/2019 - The End (And Beginning) Of A Decade

Decade [dek-eyd], noun: a period of ten years.

More than halfway through our 31st year here at The Coin Vault, it is hard to believe how quickly the last ten years, or this last decade, has gone. With time like that there ultimately comes change and well, we have encountered that too. Some small, some big, but in the grand scheme of things, for the better. (That’s cute, we had NO IDEA what was going to happen.)

With as eventful as the last couple of years have been in the hobby, it is hard telling (Let’s try downright impossible) what the future holds for us in the new year and the new decade, but we believe it to be bright and hopeful (Hell in a handbasket is more like it). The United States Mint has done an extraordinary job in the product that they have released and as a result, we have had a chance to offer some of the best coins and programs we have ever had the pleasure of offering. There is no doubt in our minds that will continue on in the future (This still happened but at a much slower pace).

As far as The Coin Vault is concerned, we have never been more customer-driven and focused which in turn, has allowed us to focus on key components of our business such as the efficiency of its operation and its overall growth (We DID get to move our Preferred Customer Division home---hey look, a positive!). We, as a small staff and loyal supporters of a business to which many of us have dedicated a number of years to, have been able to be succinct in our efforts to make this the best business possible. Camaraderie, teamwork, and overall hard work have been the nuts and bolts of The Coin Vault this year and we have never been more blessed. Hopefully, that sentiment has reached and been impressed upon you.

While we put a stamp on the year 2019 and look ahead to 2020, we cannot wait to bring you along with us on this next adventure (To be fair, we did say adventure but just did NOT classify what kind….hope you had a handle on your knickers) as we continue to strive and thrive in this family-owned and operated business we call home in small-town Indiana. Our business has been built from the ground up since 1949 by late founders Leon and Ruhama Hendrickson and continues to grow with their daughters and grandchildren now at the helm.

Surrounded by hardworking and loyal supporters (employees) of the family and their business (This remains true during the struggle of moving employees around from business to at-home operations all year long), we hope to continue being the best and longest-running coin program on television (Halfway to 33!). All of that is not possible without all of you, our steadfast customers. Your support does not go unrecognized and we will continue to do our best for you day in and day out. THANK YOU for the constant reminder that what we have here is something special and to always be appreciative of it.

So from our family to yours, have a wonderful new year (We truly do hope that everyone out there was able to find positives in the giant, growing haystack that was 2020) and a blessed decade ahead! We look forward to having you over every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday night.”

A New Hope - 2021 Edition

While we feel like we should just tiptoe to 2021 as if not to awaken it, we also feel like our sentiment has not once faltered in our approach to this business and its customers. Long story short, we have been some of the extremely lucky ones in a business sense. While those who operate it have faced a number of challenges personally, we have all somehow managed to power through and move forward as much as this year has allowed. We are truly fortunate here at The Coin Vault.

One of the biggest accomplishments we have had during the events of this year was being able to bring our Preferred Customer Division home and under our roof. Our excitement for this customer-driven team to be here and successful has been a huge sigh of relief. We hope you, our Coin Vault customers, have been able to experience this on your end and are just as happy to have them as we are.

While many things changed throughout the course of 2020, one of the things that remained constant is the support of our faithful customers. Everything that this show has been able to accomplish over the years and especially throughout this year has been at the hands of an unyielding and unwavering customer base that continues to remind us of our extreme gratitude. When we say we cannot do this without you, we mean it in every way conceivable. Please know that this year was no different and actually, it meant more to us than ever before. Simply put, thank you.

While we are nervous to say what we hope to expect out of these next 12 months, we more than anything just wish our business, its employees, and our extended family, The Coin Vault customers, a healthy and persevering new year. We hope more than anything that these last 12 months have taught us as a nation and a world that life is short and perspective is everything. As we often dwell on the bad and let the good remain fleeting, we must no longer look to see whether the glass is half empty but to choose for ourselves and others to always see it as half full.

From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you the healthiest and happiest new year to come.