2021 Proof American Gold Eagle Coins Up Next For U.S. Mint

We say it all the time on the show and especially right now during all the American Silver Eagle commotion, after 35 years, the Silver & Gold American Eagle programs are getting a major design change this year. While it is still unknown when the new designs will take over, we still have some of the annual releases in the lineup for a last-ever, final version of the current design. One of those releases happens to be tomorrow for the American Eagle 2021 Gold Proof Four-Coin Set.

With a production limit of just 8,200, the 4pc gold set will be the final version featuring the original “Family of Eagles” reverse. Struck in 22-karat gold and produced at West Point Mint, the set will contain the fractional versions of the coin in a one-ounce $50 denomination, half-ounce $25 denomination, quarter-ounce $10 denomination, and tenth-ounce $5 denomination. The set will be packaged in a burgundy velvet, satin-lined presentation case accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. Its current retail from the United States Mint is still unknown.

If you are interested in specific denominations of the set, each fractional denomination coin will be available separately from the Mint as well. Each denomination has their own product limit and will also go on sale tomorrow at noon EST. Their retail prices are still currently unknown.

Source: United States Mint