2022 National Purple Heart Colorized Silver Dollar To Be Released By U.S. Mint Tomorrow

In late February, the United States released coins from the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor 2022 Commemorative Coin Program. However, they had yet to release a Colorized option. That is until now. Tomorrow they will release the final product from the program beginning at 12 pm EST.

With just the third colorized coin they have ever produced in history, the Mint will make available the 2022 National Purple Heart Hall of Honor Colorized Silver Dollar from West Point. Much like last year’s system, they will be available starting tomorrow for Pre-order and the window will close at 3pm EST on April 25th or until the limit of 25,000 is reached. Shipping dates will then be scheduled for June 8th.

The obverse of the design will feature the Purple Heart medal with the color purple filling in the heart around the bust of George Washington. “COMBAT WOUNDED & KILLED IN ACTION,” “LIBERTY,” “1932,” “2022,” and “IN GOD WE TRUST” can be seen inscribed around the entirety of the design with five stars representing the branches of the military.

A nurse in a World War I helmet can be seen on the reverse as she bandages a wounded service member. This is significant as more than 23,000 women nurses served in the Army and Navy during the war. “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” “E PLURIBUS UNUM,” and “ONE DOLLAR” can also be seen inscribed.

Surcharges of $10 for each of the silver dollars sold will be paid to the National Purple Heart Honor Mission, Inc. Its mission is to “commemorate the service and sacrifice of men and women who were killed or wounded in action, representing Purple Heart recipients from the Civil War to the present day.” The surcharges will help fund the improvements to the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor facilities.

The product limit for the Colorized Silver Dollar is 25,000 as the mintage limit is 400,000 across all products. Household limits will start with just one as they will retail at $95.00.

Source: United States Mint