2023 United States Mint Production Schedule Announced

A preliminary production schedule for 2023 has recently been released by the United States Mint. Very few products have “set dates” while most of the schedule appears to have Spring, Summer, and Fall attached to their description. While we know how quickly things can change when it comes to the Mint, let us take a look at some of the products that appear to be coming up after the first of the year.

It is not until January 30th that an item will be released and that is in the form of the 2023 American Innovation $1 Coin honoring the state of Ohio. Released from Denver and Philadelphia in rolls and bags, the coin does not yet have a retail price.

On February 6th, the 2023 Native American $1 Coin will be available for the masses in rolls, bags, and boxes. Next year’s reverse design will honor American ballerina Maria Tallchief who is considered America’s first Native American ballerina.

The middle of February will also see the James Buchanan Presidential Silver Medal from San Francisco in addition to the first release of the 2023 American Women Quarters Program honoring Bessie Coleman. It is unclear if next year’s quarters will work the same as the last’s as high demand and enrollments caused unavailability on their actual release dates.

Continuing on in the shortest month of the year, we will see the release of the next in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution Platinum Proof Coin Program on February 23rd. The Proof Coin will depict the “Freedom of Press” and is the third in the series of five.

Finally finishing out the month will be the highly anticipated 2023 One-Ounce Proof American Silver Eagle Coin from West Point. In addition, the 2023 Congratulations Set will also be released.

As far as dates are concerned, the above mentioned are currently all there is. However, as always, stay tuned for more information and updates on the 2023 schedule.

Source: United States Mint