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20 Different Dates And Or Mint Marks NGC BU Morgan Dollar Auto Receive 1878-1921 Shipment 1

Item# AR68W1
Price: $99.95
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Secure your position in this Auto-Receive program by buying the first shipment now. Once your order is placed and confirmed, a Coin Vault representative will reach out to you via phone or email to set you up in the remainder of the program!

  • AR68S1 - Starting off this 20-shipment Auto-Receive is the from San Francisco. Of the nearly 22.5 million dollars produced across all minting facilities that first year of issue, San Francisco made up 9,774,000 of the mintage. This shipment also comes with an NGC Storage Box.
  • AR68S2 - Shipment #2 features the . It would be the last Morgan dollar minted at Philadelphia as the total mintage would end up tallying 44,960,000. 
  • AR68S3 - Shipment #3 features the . 11,100,000 silver dollars came from Philadelphia in 1882.
  • AR68S4 - Shipment #4 features the from the New Orleans Mint. It was the first year New Orleans would take on production of the silver dollar, minting 8,725,000 Morgan dollars in its first year.
  • AR68S5 - Shipment #5 includes the . Produced at New Orleans, 9,730,000 dollars were produced from the facility in 1884.
  • AR68S6 - Shipment #6 features the from the New Orleans Mint. A little over 9 million dollars (9,185,000 to be exact) were produced from the facility in 1885.
  • AR68S7 - Shipment #7 includes the . Minted at Philadelphia, silver dollar production soared and 19,963,000 Morgan dollars would end up coming from the facility that year.
  • AR68S8 - Shipment #8 features the . Philadelphia would output production even higher than the previous year and mint 20,290,000 silver dollars in 1887.
  • AR68S9 - Shipment #9 includes the . Of all the Morgan Silver Dollars produced at San Francisco, the 1881-S is the highest minted next to the 1921-S with 12,760,000 dollars.
  • AR68S10 - Shipment #10 includes the . Production would drop a little bit in 1902 for New Orleans when it came to minting Morgan dollars. A total of 8,636,000 were produced.
  • AR68S11 - Shipment #11 includes the . The last Morgan Silver Dollar produced at the New Orleans facility, 3,720,000 dollar coins would be minted for the last time with the ‘O’ mintmark in 1904.
  • AR68S12 - Shipment #12 features the . 17,787,000 silver dollars were minted at Philadelphia in the year 1885.
  • AR68S13 - Shipment #13 features the . 8,900,000 silver dollars came from San Francisco in 1880.
  • AR68S14 - Shipment #14 features the . 21,726,000 silver dollars were minted at Philadelphia in the year 1889.
  • AR68S15 - Shipment #15 features the . Across three different mints producing Morgan dollars in 1896, Philadelphia would mint 9,976,000 and make up more than half of the nearly 20 million produced.
  • AR68S16 - Shipment #16 features the . The bulk of Morgan dollar production landed on New Orleans in 1899 as the facility would mint 12,290,000 dollars.
  • AR68S17 - Shipment #17 includes the . The New Orleans Mint would output 4,440,000 silver dollars in 1898.
  • AR68S18 - Shipment #18 includes the . The New Orleans Mint continued to mint its fair share of silver dollars at the turn of the century, producing 12,590,000 in 1900.
  • AR68S19 - Shipment #19 features the . Of the three mints producing Morgan Silver Dollars in 1901, New Orleans would produce the most with 13,320,000.
  • AR68S20 - Shipment #20 features the . They produced 9,110,000 silver dollars from San Francisco that year.