Brand New High Security Holograms Introduced by NGC

You may have noticed lately that some of your NGC certified coins look a little different on the back. While the holograms most of the time go unnoticed, their new look and capabilities will surely change that.

NGC announced in late July a new high security hologram to help “combat counterfeiting and create a safer marketplace for NGC-certified coins, tokens, and medals.” Along with the new look, the hologram now includes a QR code and a numerical security code that are unique to whatever numismatic item is encapsulated. This makes it extremely difficult for counterfeiters to tamper with or replicate the NGC holder.

According to Andy Salzberg, Executive Vice President of Certified Collectibles Group, “NGC is constantly looking for new ways to both innovate and create a more transparent and safe market for collectors and dealers.” In addition, Salzberg states that the “addition of this new QR code we have accomplished both.”

The square shaped QR code is located at the left of the hologram. When scanned, it takes the user to NGC’s Certification Verification tool and gives the buyer the ability to quickly brush up on all the information involving the collectible, including the NGC Census population data and NGC Price Guide. It will also allow the buyer to compare the collectible in their hand versus the images taken by NGC at the time of encapsulation. The QR code, in addition to the eight-digit security code, aims to provide even more confidence to collectors and dealers.

“Each QR code is unique, making them virtually impossible to counterfeit,” says Salzberg. “In addition, we have made it faster and easier for collectors to look up a coin on NGC’s website.”

The new security hologram is initially being rolled out and used with select bulk submissions to the Sarasota office of NGC. Plans are being made to use the new hologram in a more expanded way in the future, including for all submissions to NGC’s Sarasota, London, Munich, Shanghai, and Hong Kong offices.

Source: NGC