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Because We Can Super Bowl Edition

Item# 277128
Price: $69.98


Includes a 2023 Leaf Purdy rookie, 2017 Leaf McCaffrey rookie, 2023 Leaf Stroud rookie, 2021 Leaf Lawrence rookie, & 2020 Leaf Herbert rookie. A 1997 Pacific Invincible Gold Pop Cards Set. A 1999 Crown Royale Cramer's Choice Jumbo Set. A 1998 Collector's Edge Peyton Manning Rookie Set. 5 unopened football wax packs ( one of each) 1991 Pro Line (on card autograph possible), 1991 Upper Deck Low, 1990 Fleer, 1990 Pro Set I, & 1990 Score I. 11 Past Super Bowl Champs cards ( one random card of each player), Brady, Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Irvin, Montana, Rice, Steve Young, Roethlisberger, Eli Manning, Favre, & Elway.