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TCV Preferred Customer Division

The Coin Vault's in-house Preferred Customer Division has access to thousands of products we simply do not have time to show you on TV. Each numismatic advisor works directly with the show hosts to bring you the first opportunity at many coins before they go to air. The PCD Coin Acquisition Service gives you access to the full buying power of The Coin Vault in your search for rare coins or to fill those holes in your collection. Each representative is a numismatic expert, passionate about the hobby and understanding what makes The Coin Vault family a 30+ year success story!

Leah Williams Sales Manager

Leah Williams Preferred Customer Division

Born and raised in The Coin Vault’s hometown of Winchester, Indiana, Leah has been involved in the numismatic business since the launch of The Coin Vault’s call center in 2012. Currently the Sales Manager for the new on-site Preferred Customer Division, Leah has experience in all facets of the customer service division, including starting out as the Live Show Supervisor before quickly being promoted to the Head of Call Center Operations in 2013. With her accomplished background in numismatics and the moxie to meet this new opportunity head on, Leah looks forward to managing the entire sales team and working towards goals that will ultimately benefit The Coin Vault customer. Her favorite coin is the beautiful Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle. | 765-888-1755

Eric Clear Numismatic Advisor

Eric Clear Preferred Customer Division

With a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Devry Institute of Technology in Columbus, Ohio, Eric has 20 years of experience in the automotive industry with Accounts Payable/Receivable Supervisor as his most recent senior position. Interested in coins since he was a kid as a result of his grandmother’s birthday and Christmas gifts from our parent company SilverTowne, Eric maintains a small coin collection that has been passed down to his daughter who also sparked an interest in collecting. In his spare time, Eric has coached girls and boys basketball as well as baseball over the last 10 years for which he attributes his ‘never give up’ mentality that he hopes to translate over to The Coin Vault’s numismatic sales team. His favorite coin is the $10 Indian Head Eagle. | 765-589-4112

Brett Carlson Numismatic Advisor

Brett Carlson Preferred Customer Division

Newly graduated from Ball State University with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Brett has experience reaching from sales, finance, marketing, and risk management. With continued efforts to increase his education, Brett is constantly following the shifts of the financial market as well as researching the wide field that is numismatics. Following in his grandad’s footsteps, Brett has become a coin collector himself with interests in silver dollars. In his spare time, he loves to play golf and competes on the weekends in amateur tournaments. With his competitive nature and the drive to increase his knowledge in the financial and numismatic fields, Brett hopes to carry those attributes over and make an impact as a team member of The Coin Vault’s Preferred Customer Division. His favorite coins are Morgan Silver Dollars, more specifically the 1889-CC Morgan Dollar. | 765-516-9811

Codey Lipps Numismatic Advisor

Codey Lipps Preferred Customer Division

Having worked in the customer service field for nearly 10 years, Codey first sparked an interest in coins when he and his siblings received part of his grandfather’s collection that he passed down. Since then, his interest in finding out the history behind coins and their impact has grown exponentially as he believes that every coin has a story to tell. In addition to increasing his own knowledge in the numismatic field while educating his customers, Codey hopes to help every person he interacts with acquire a collection to be proud of piece by piece as a committed member of the sales team. His favorite coins are the Morgan Silver Dollars. | 765-410-1787

Michael Riddle Numismatic Advisor

Michael Riddle Preferred Customer Division

Born and raised in Indiana, Michael has had over a 20-year career focused on customer relationships within the manufacturing sector for which he attributes the skills and dedication he possesses to fulfilling the needs of his customers. Currently working on completing his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Purdue University, he found his interest in coin collecting at an early age when his great grandfather would give him coins while visiting on the weekends. While being introduced to the vast world of numismatics as a young child, Michael hopes to continue learning while also helping his customers make educated decisions as part of the Preferred Customer Division at The Coin Vault. His favorite coin is the 1995-W Proof American Silver Eagle. | 765-814-8699

Rory Cady PCD Manager/Senior Numismatist

Rory Cady Preferred Customer Division

Rory graduated from Arizona State University with a Global Business Degree. With over 11 years serving the numismatic industry, Rory has risen to a senior position within the Preferred Customer Division; managing the entire sales force, as well as traveling to the major coin shows for acquisitions. His favorite coin is the 2009 Ultra High Relief Gold Coin. | 800-869-0868 ext 1400

Marnie Morgan PCD Operations / Numismatic Advisor

Marnie Morgan Preferred Customer Division

Marnie has worn many hats since getting her start in the numismatic business in 2008. As a rare coin advisor, sales manager, call center supervisor and director of operations, her focus has always been on her collectors and helping them make educated decisions. With the last name of Morgan, she is naturally attracted to this beautiful series but keeps her eye out for rare $20 saints. Marnie is a graduate of the University of Colorado. Behind the scenes Marnie is busy with her 4 children and husband of 28 years. | 800-869-0868 ext 1107

Justin Adams Senior Numismatic Advisor

Justin Adams Preferred Customer Division

Justin has over 13 years of experience in selling everything from rare biblical, colonial and pattern specimens to several shipwreck finds and modern issue opportunities. Having sold over 25 million in rare numismatics, Justin understands the many nuances of the industry that help distinguish his clients collections. He strives to be constantly learning and helping those in his field with a vast array of knowledge he emmersed himself in through the years. His driving thought in numismatics is that we collectors are effectively stewards that are preserving history which tells the story of the people, places and events that have charted history as we know it today. Justin takes utmost pride in bestowing heirloom-quality acquisitions that will make phenomenal additions to even the most elite of collections. He has a beautiful family with a wife and four kids. In his spare time he has been studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for 9 years and is nearing the rank of black belt. | 800-869-0868 ext 1800

John Robson Senior Numismatic Advisor

John Robson Preferred Customer Division

John has been in the precious metals industry since 2011. He got his start working with the Silver Eagle and Statehood Quarter collections. Over his career, he has handled thousands of coins from as early as Ancient era coins to colonial era coins. His strengths are mainly in the modern issue coins, but he does very much appreciate working with older coins. John is a Father of five and Grandfather of seven, and got interested in coins when his Uncle Frank (a Korean War Veteran) passed away almost 20 years ago. Uncle Frank had put together a very impressive set of graded coins for his three children. His children were touched when they realized the care that their Father had taken in selecting coins for them that had done very well in the collector market. | 800-869-0868 ext 1105

Emily Kaneakua Numismatic Advisor

Emily Kaneakua Preferred Customer Division

Emily found an interest in coin collecting at a very early age when she found her father's cup of 90% silver coins. With over 20 years in the mortgage business as a loan officer, she developed the skills to make smart decisions with integrity, trust and a sense of humor. She funded over $350 Million in loans to help clients gain home ownership. Emily began collecting coins in 1999 when the US Mint released the State Quarter program. Her daughter was 6 years old at the time and they pursued the collection together. Emily has become a student of numismatics and reads about the rich history of our country's coinage and currency. She enjoys educating her clients about all aspects of coin collecting. Her favorite coin is the 2013 W Silver Eagle Specially Enhanced issue. | 800-869-0868 ext 1117

Jim White Numismatic Advisor

Jim White Preferred Customer Division

Jim has worked in different facets of the coin business for many years. He started collecting coins with his grandfather at a very young age. They shared a love for Morgan Silver Dollars. He loves the Gold Burnished Eagles because of their limited availability and beauty. Jim has worked in the Oil Investment Business and other financial fields. He has been day trading and watching the markets for many years. His daily goal is helping his loyal clients find the very best coins in the marketplace. | 800-869-0868 ext 1100

Mary Collins Numismatic Advisor

Mary Collins Preferred Customer Division

Mary Collins is a native of Chicago, but don't ask her about the Cubs! She graduated from Northern Illinois University and, as a small girl, worked with her mother who shared her love and knowledge of coins, sparking her interest at a young age. The draw for Mary is the story behind the coin. "Coin collecting is about understanding history and the path of America". Before joining The Coin Vault, Mary worked as an Ad Specialist for a Google partner. Mary's favorite coin is the Gold Double Eagle design by Saint Gaudens. | 800-869-0868 ext 1112

Matt Lara Numismatic Advisor

Matt Lara Preferred Customer Division

Matt has over 4 years numismatic experience and is considered an expert by any standard when it comes to Modern U.S. Mint coins. He truly appreciates the historical aspect of coin collecting but is a numbers guy at his core. Matt has an intense thirst for knowledge and can often be found at his computer doing research on a wide array of numismatic subjects. Outside of work Matt is the proud father of two young boys. He loves baseball and spends the majority of his free time at the ball field where he coaches both of his boys Little League teams. His favorite coin is the 1995 W 10th Anniversary Silver Eagle, the King of all Silver Eagles. | 800-869-0868 ext 1300

Wes Edelbaum Numismatic Advisor

Wes Edelbaum Preferred Customer Division

Wes has been in the coin business since 1982 and has worked for a couple of the larger rare coin companies on the east coast. Wes enjoys the history of the older to modern coins, like the Morgan's, Gold Indian's with the incuse design to the Silver Eagles. Being a history buff and statistical person, he is a true believer that knowledge is power when making numismatic acquisitions. | 800-869-0868 ext 1500

Norm Shucart Numismatic Advisor

Norm Shucart Preferred Customer Division

Norm first started collecting coins at the age of 6. Every year when visiting his grandparents, grandpa had a silver dollar waiting. Norm has owned several retail businesses over 30 years and would check the cash register every night to see what coins to keep. It’s the imparting of knowledge to his clients that is most gratifying for Norm. He has been married to his wife for 29 years and his favorite coin is the 1899 Morgan; that is the first one from "grandpa". | 800-869-0868 ext 1122

Steven Mitchell Numismatic Advisor

Steven Mitchell Preferred Customer Division

With a background in finance, marketing and technology, Steven’s experience is put to good use at the Preferred Customer Division. He has been passionately involved in numismatics since 1981 and he values that knowledge base when advising and presenting opportunities to Coin Vault customers. | 800-869-0868 ext 1106

James Greenwell Numismatic Advisor

James Greenwell Preferred Customer Division

James has had an interest in numismatics from an early age as his grandparents collected Morgan and Peace dollars for him. He has a keen interest in American and world history, and loves the story that coins tell over time. James enjoys helping collectors gather important pieces of history to complete their collections. His favorite coins are the iconic 1907-1909 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagles due to their intriguing historical tale. | 800-869-0868 ext 1109

Claudia Finney Numismatic Advisor

Claudia Finney Preferred Customer Division

Cincinnati native and a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University with a degree in Business and Marketing, Claudia’s hallmark is her commitment to educating her clients and helping each client acquire the right coins for their collection. Claudia’s interest in coins began as a young child. Her father had a cloth bag of pennies and would often say "save your pennies" because the last one you pick up could make you a millionaire! Claudia loves the gold Buffaloes for their beauty, low mintage and low population. She is also fascinated with ancient coins for their unrivaled historical and numismatic significance. Claudia is also the proud holder of a U.S. patent which is the result of work she did with her father.Claudia enjoys golf, tennis, hiking, traveling and her dogs, and is a huge Reds and Bengals fan. In fact, she was lucky enough to see the "Big Red Machine" win the 1975 World Series at Riverfront Stadium. She takes pride in having a close wonderful family, and a great new daughter-in-law who is a fabulous addition to the family. | 800-869-0868 ext 1123